Thank You for Making My Life Better

i am feeling home sick today and miss my biological older sister and older brother a lot. i miss my parents who saved my life. i am greatful for all that they do for me and i want to thank them for taking me in to thier home and lives. They gave me love since the first day they met me. i have taken for granted them helping me buy a car, pushing me to succeed, doing my laundry, helping me financially even though i am 21. i miss my adopted brothers and sisters. i am proud to say that my parents have adopted 17 children and raised 6 of thier own. i am proud to say that i am from Coleman, Michigan. i am proud to say i am a foster kid, an adopted kid, an all-star.

i know that if it was not for my family i would not be who i am today. They are permanent. i know that when they say they loved me and would protect me they meant for eternity. My parents do not get the recognition they deserve for treating me and all of thier children like we are all-stars. i realize now how big of a mama's boy i truelly am. i love you Charlie and Germaine Brown and thank you for all you do and all you are, for it was you who made me into the person i am today and protected me from all the bad in the world. Some say that i am sheltered to much but i say that my parents love me. It is because of you that i have had the opportunities i have had.

*The reason "i" is not capitalized is that i would not be here if it was not for my AMAZING family that i miss and that keeps me motivated to continue to advocate for change.