This is My Reality

A few months ago I received an email from Lupe at FosterClub letting me know that I had been chosen as a Missouri finalist to become a 2010 All-Star. At the time I did not know this email would have such an impact on my life. The email let to phone interview and the interview led me to the position I am in today—1 of 12 2010 FosterClub All-Stars.

During the weeks leading up to my trip to Seaside I would continually search for something to make me feel like this was truly happening. In my head I knew I would be leaving school, friends and my entire life in Missouri to embrace the chance of a lifetime. However, at the time I didn’t quite know what this chance entailed. I don’t feel that I could quite understand the meaning until stepping foot in the All-star house. Walking through the door late Saturday night I was greeted with sleepy, yet open arms. It was then that I finally felt this was all happening—FOR REAL. I cannot count the emotions running through my head at the time but I felt all I could feel was serendipity.

Since then the past few days have been absolutely amazing. I have been introduced to people who within hours felt as if I have known them my entire life. Together we are growing and learning so much about ourselves, our story and how to use the two to impact the lives of our brothers and sisters in foster care. Although we are only a few days into the process it is impossible to describe how inspirational it is to watch not only myself but others go through this experience. I have no doubt in my mind that I am meant to be anywhere else in the world this summer. Within such a short time the All-stars have became my family and the “clubhouse" my home. I cannot wait to watch our bonds grow stronger and our memories multiply.

Cheers, to an unforgettable summer!