Foster Care

Foster Care I just finished watching the movie The Blindside such an aspiring movie a movie I enjoyed also a movie I can relate to. Each year there are thousands of kids who are a ward of the state to many times these kids don't get to experience the type of permanency or a place to call home. Thousands of kids who are in the system only bounce from place to place something no kid should ever have to go through wondering when there next move is living out of a plastic bag.

I experienced that going from home to home being in the foster care system for 17.5 years each time wondering when or where I would be going to next. At the same time though I was very fortunate because even though I never lived with my family they were and still support me in everything I do. I was never legally adopted but I have a family my moms name is Kim Owens my dad his name is Dusty Owen sand my sister her name is Hope Owens I consider these guys my family and they the same I love them very much and wouldn't know what to do without them. I love you guys. I hope more people watch this sort of movie and realize what they can do for a kid in the foster care system. Reaching out to them opening your home giving that kid a chance to have a family is such an awesome feeling for any kid in the system.

Please get involved in helping out in some way because by you caring and loving a foster kid and giving them a chance to have a home and family more kids wont ever have to feel unwanted which is something we as kids or teenagers or anyone should never have to go through. let us know that we are loved and some one does care about us and help us to achieve our goals by believing in us thanks. Miguel Gardipee Former Foster Kid