First Time

Tonight is my first blog and I have to say in the past 3 nights I've had alot on my mind. I have friends here in Oregon that I would like to get to but cant't just yet so my first time seeing them will be cool. My very first day I took a brisk walk and ran into a young man who invited me into his house to freestyle rap with him...his name was Rocky. His family is struggling bad, so while I was there the reality hit me that our message will eventually go beyond foster kids alone and on to touch the whole home front. He was exited to have someone pay attention to him and his life for a change..and for the first time....I thought of what the rest of the summer will be like inspiring others.

Back home in Ohio my grandma is waking up late at night calling for me, she's forgetting I've gone on for the summer. At first I was under the impression that fosterclub wanted me to be shallow with people and not open up and get into people's heart like I usually do, but after learning the basics on being professional and "pivoting" I see what their intentions were. We had a discussion today about adoption and I mentioned how Mike Oher's story was so perfect and something like a fairy tell. I mentioned how people tend to think that when you're eight-teen that you no longer needed family, NOT SO!

I am 20 yrs. old and I still wish sometimes that Will Smith or someone would adopt me you know? NOt because of the money so much as the fact that Jada Pinkett looks like my mom did before crack cocaine, or because I'm very artistic and they are established in the art.Permamancy has been the topic lately so I had to throw my old fantasy of what I wanted it to it too late to have it? I have never been established, so as much as I want to be an just never know, espeially being outta the system.

But for the first time I am trying really hard to have self-examinations to figure out just who Jeremie is. As I figure it out so will you, and I've seen a glimpse of the real me...and that's the All- STar, the guy everyone loves, so why can't I always be that guy? the charmer , the intellectual, the philosopher, the MAN. LOL.. Thanks for reading my random-ness.