Believe in Yourself

If you asked me one year ago where I would be today, I never would have told you that I would be interning for Foster Club. As we all know, life takes you many places. Sometimes expected or unexpected. Just a few weeks ago I was going from one friend's house to another. I was so unsure of what I was going to do, or where I was going.

You may be wondering what the point is in me telling you this. The message that I want to send to you is that no matter where you have come from, what you have been through, when you set your mind to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, you will. Life was never promised to be perfect, in fact it is very far from that.

But it is how you deal with the cards you are dealt in life that counts. Never give up, reach for the stars, believe that the sky is the limit as to what you are capable of. Because you are in control of your destiny and there is nothing more powerful in knowing that not only can you be successful, but that you will.