Am I really an All-Star? Is this Real?

I truelly cannot believe that it has been three days here in Seaside, OR. I was panicing after I found out I was chose, out of fear that I would let everyone down or that everything was just a dream. I packed and unpacked about 10 times, as I did not want to forget anything I might need during the summer. The night before I left I could not sleep as I thought of all the fun, exciting experinces this summer. I was the first of all the All-Stars to land at the Portland airport. I did not know what to exspect or who to expect.

I had a phone number that I was to call when I got to Portland. I walked around outside looking for this SUV and all I hear is someone yelling “sir your ride is over here” and a security officer walking at me. I thought that this was my sign that this summer is going to be filled with lots of interesting stories by the time we all leave baack to our states and communities. I met Demarko first and he was increadsily entergetic and excited I am guessing as he yelled “I am an All-Star” as he entered the car. We then picked up Janessa and when we where looking for her at the airport I had my head out of the window asking people if they had “seen my sister” and as soon as I seen her I yelled, “Are you my sister?”

Everyone laughed as I guess we don’t look alike but everyone is my sister and brothers as we all where or are foster kids. I cannot tell how much fun the past couple of days have been. We have toured the FosterClub office, ran through the house, ran down the beach, went swimming in the ocean, and have been working hard as we go through training. We had our first house grill out today and where going to have a fire on the beach to have smores but it started raining. The conversations to get to know our other All-Stars is funny at times, very serious at times, and very inspiring at times. I have been exploring Seaside with Ashley, Darrlyn, Isha, Janessa, Shaden, Kayla, and Cherie.

We are all getting to know each other and are all starting to make friendships. I got a feeling that I will be hanging out with all of the amazing All-Stars this summer. Hope that I see you at one of the conferences. My inspirational quote that my life is based on, “no matter what your past was, it does not dictate your future.”