Get Ready for National Foster Care Month!

National Foster Care Month 2024 Toolkit

Hey there! Are you ready to make a big impact this May? National Foster Care Month is coming up, and we want YOU to join us in supporting kids and youth in foster care! FosterClub’s National Foster Care Month toolkit has everything you need to raise awareness, educate others, and advocate for change in a fun and creative way.

The Toolkit can help you:

  • Learn: Educating yourself and others about foster care is the first step to spreading awareness. Reflect on key messages and statistics, and use them to start conversations with those around you. You’ll hear from FosterClub’s National Foster Care Month influencers — all young people with lived experience in foster care — throughout May!
  • Advocate: Unless child welfare has personally impacted them, the average American likely doesn’t think much about foster care. There are common misconceptions that young people from foster care are all “bad kids” or that they are completely taken care of by the government. You can help the public understand foster care and commit to improving the lives of its young people with our social media graphics, zoom backgrounds, and proclamation guide. You can also order merch from our National Foster Care Month store to propel your advocacy efforts.
  • Give: Giving to FosterClub has a direct, meaningful, positive impact on the lives of young people in and from foster care. Because we put young people from foster care in the driver’s seat in child welfare reform, we have a unique understanding of their challenges and needs. National Foster Care Month is a perfect time to support young people from foster care by making a gift to or fundraising for FosterClub today.

Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready to join the movement? Visit the National Foster Care Month toolkit today and start making a difference! Together, we can help make life brighter for the more than 368,500 young people currently in foster care in the United States.

Let's make this National Foster Care Month one to remember! 💙

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