Free Download: FosterClub’s Proclamation Guide

Free Download: FosterClub’s Proclamation Guide

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and young people in foster care? We have a great opportunity for you to get involved and raise awareness! Introducing FosterClub’s National Foster Care Month Proclamation Guide, which has everything you need to secure an official proclamation recognizing May as National Foster Care Month in your state, city, university,  workplace, or community.

What is a Proclamation?

A proclamation is an important announcement made by a VIP (Very Important Person) that brings attention to a specific cause. By requesting a proclamation for National Foster Care Month, you can shine a spotlight on foster care and the challenges faced by young people in care. This can lead to important conversations and actions to improve the foster care system.

Why Proclamations Matter

Raising Awareness

Proclamations help people learn more about the foster care system and the experiences of young people in foster care. Recognizing National Foster Care Month can increase understanding and support for the issues within the system.

Building Connections

Getting a VIP to issue a proclamation opens the door for conversations and partnerships. These connections can lead to further support and resources for foster care.

Empowering Change

Proclamations can inspire people to take action. When people see their leaders recognizing the importance of foster care, they might be more motivated to get involved and make a difference.

Act now to secure a Proclamation during May, National Foster Care Month!  By using FosterClub’s Proclamation Guide, you can take meaningful steps toward raising awareness and fostering positive change for young people in foster care.

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