5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Being in foster care can suck - but being in foster care during the holidays can be especially tough.

The good news? You're not alone.

We worked with young people with lived experience (LEx) in and from care and came up with five tips to help you get through the holiday season. 

Our December MeetUp, led by LEx Leader Isabel Rodriguez, engaged an audience of young people across the country who have been in care to talk about what gets them through the holidays. Because, let’s be real… nobody gets it like somebody who just gets it.

Check out the following 5 tips from other young people.

Tip # 1:

Take Care of Yourself

  • Make sure you are getting enough rest, food, and hydration.
  • Write or make art as a way to vent feelings, work through anxiety and worries, and to reflect on the true meaning of the holidays.
  • If you begin to feel uneasy, take a moment to breathe. Get quiet and breathe deeply. Inhale for 4, hold for 2, exhale for 6. Focus on the count when you find your mind wandering.

Tip #2:

Honor Your Relationships

  • Find ways to celebrate connection in times when separation is hard.
  • Keep photos and mementos that connect you to loved ones close or visible.
  • Write messages in a journal or letters (and share later if you can and want to).
  • Take photos to capture experiences that you wish you could share or talk about with those you miss (and share later if you can and want to).

Tip #3:

Honor Your Identity

  • Stay authentic to who you are by defining what the holidays are for you.
  • Create personal practices just for yourself where you can experience connections that are important to you.
  • Ask your support network to honor, learn about, and respect your beliefs, as much as you feel comfortable and are able to.
  • You may also decide not to celebrate holidays at all and that is okay too.

Tip #4:

Serve Others

  • Giving to others helps to give a sense of purpose and/or belonging and is good for your mental, emotional, and physical health! Ask people around you how you might volunteer or help others.
  • Think about what you enjoy and ask others what you can do to care for the community. For example - if you love animals, call a shelter or rescue and inquire about ways to help.

Tip #5:


  • Take time to get clear for yourself about what you need to be as well as possible through the holiday season.
  • Let your guardian(s), foster parent(s), and /or caseworker know what kind of support you need around the holidays.
  • Advocate for family visits (if possible) by letting your caseworker and other supportive adults know how important visits are to you during the holidays.

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