Victoria Mirabella spent 7 years in Pennsylvania's foster care system.

Victoria Mirabella was introduced to the foster care system under very difficult circumstances. As a pre-teen, she was reported living on her own without any supervision and facing serious health conditions. Her mother was living in another state and her father was missing in action. She was immediately placed in a shelter, then a foster home. After a few years, she was placed in a group home, then finally with a loving and supportive family who eventually took permanent legal custodianship of Victoria.

Today Victoria is an open and confident leader who works hard and fully participates. An Honor Roll Student, she has been active in softball, Youth Advisory board, Youth Summit, Army Reserves, School Theater Club, Young Marines, Debate Team, and part time employment. Upon graduation from high school, Victoria earned five scholarships from local organizations for her leadership and hard work.

A strong and confident presence wherever she goes, Victoria is personable and takes the lead in many situations. She loves keeping busy, always using the lessons she's learned in life to make a difference. She gracefully takes advice from others and finds pointers from friends, caseworkers and family a valuable part of her experiences.

Currently, Victoria is in basic training for the Army Reserves. Her goal is to earn a law degree with continued participation in the Army Reserves.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2014 Outstanding Young Leaders