Maddie Gariti

2 years in Foster Care

17 years old


Maddie Gariti is graduating high school in 2023, after which she plans to take either a gap year to join the Unaltered Ministry or go right to college. Maddie wants to enroll at a university and work her way toward a Master’s degree in Education or study theology. Once she finishes school, Maddie will either pursue a career as a teacher or work in youth ministry. She is already deeply involved in ministry work, and leads worship at her church. She is a member of the National Honor Society.

Maddie is deeply committed to serving her community and volunteers at every opportunity. She particularly enjoys doing volunteer work that involves helping children, and helps to organize and run both fun events, like Easter egg hunts and acting classes, and projects that provide food and other necessities for individuals and families in need. She also works as the assistant coach for a local summer swim team, where she has learned how much impact a teacher or coach can have on a young student. Maddie also loves writing and performing music, and won 2nd Place in a pop singing competition through the National Association of Vocal Teaching (NATS).

Maddie spent about two and a half years in foster care before being adopted. Like many young people who experience foster care, Maddie struggled with her sense of identity and purpose. She struggled with insecurities and was a poor student. Maddie was fortunate that her adoptive parents loved and protected her, and helped her to find her footing and her purpose. They introduced Maddie to their church, where she found a sense of belonging and self-worth, along with a way to channel her desire to devote herself to the service of others.

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2022 Outstanding Young Leaders