Lillian Crossley, 20, Pennsylvania’s Foster Care System

Experienced several residential placements. After a bad experience with a foster home, she preferred being in residential placements.

Lillian is proud that she graduated high school and is now in her sophomore year of college at Kutztown University. She is studying General Psychology and is in the PROFS and TRIO Student Support Services Program at Kutztown. TRIO helps students successfully reach their academic, personal, and career goals. This past summer, she worked at an adult psychiatric hospital and rescued a 10-year-old pit bull from a shelter last year.

Lillian gives back to the foster care community any way she can. She has shared her lived experience speaking with local foster youth and often donates what she can to her former foster care placement. She has also opened her home to a local foster youth who is also a student at Kutztown University. She lets her do laundry and gives her rides to the store.

Lilian’s goals are to get her Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees. Her dream is to open her own practice for troubled youth while incorporating a dog rescue into it.

“I want to inspire foster youth to be something better than the statistics tell them they have to be.”
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