Johnathan LeGrande spent 11 years in pennsylvania's fosterclub.

Growing up in the inner city of Pittsburgh; Johnathan entered the Pennsylvania foster care system during his fifth grade year of school. His abduction into the foster care system was due to unfit parents and unstable living conditions. Johnathan and his younger siblings were fortunate enough to be able to live with his older siblings instead of being separated. Nevertheless, he experienced both pros and cons living with his older brother. Johnathan soon grew unhappy with his living situation, so he started spending less time at home and more time in the gym, and volunteering with church events. He actively participated in the church choir, piano lessons, basketball, football, crew, wrestling, JROTC, and his school’s forensics program. Johnathan recognized his God-given gift of athleticism at a young age and used it as a tool to earn a full athletic scholarship to attend and play basketball at Winthrop University. Unfortunately, Johnathan lost his athletic scholarship during his first year in college because he averaged a 1.7 GPA.

Becoming a legal adult during the summer of his freshman year; Johnathan had the responsibility to find housing on his own. He started working and transitioned into a independent living program. Johnathan started school at Carlow University majoring in Corporate Communication. Johnathan completed his junior year at Carlow University with a 2.7 GPA. Long-term, Johnathan wants to become a Human Resource Management Representative if playing professional basketball overseas does not work out. Johnathan is known by his friends to be an athlete, gentlemen, and someone who loves music. However, most people recognize Johnathan by his stature, making it almost impossible to forget all 6’10” of him!

Johnathan is known by his friends to be an athlete, gentlemen, and someone who loves music.

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