Grace Clarke spent 4 years in Pennsylvania's Foster Care System

Grace Clarke is an inspiring young woman. She was placed in the foster care system at the age of 16 and became a teen mother at the age of 17. Grace has faced many challenges but with perseverance and determination she has reached an amazing point in her life. While being a great mother to her child, she is currently enrolled as a full time student at La Salle University studying to become a Registered Nurse, a dream she has had for years.

Grace has been a part of Youth Fostering Change for about two years, where she lobbies key stake holders in the foster care system to make a difference. She donates some of her time to a local organization to share her experiences as a foster youth and young mother to mentor other young woman about maintaining healthy relationships. She also worked for the Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama, canvassing neighborhoods and encouraging people to vote.

“I believe it is very important that young people in foster care have an opportunity to improve the foster care system. Young people in foster care are understanding of their peers’ current situations and they have the opportunity to be the voice of those individuals who have chosen to remain silent. Young people are a more effective to make necessary changes which would be beneficial for all involved with the system. It is a fact that youth are more responsive to those who have similar experiences to theirs.” – Grace Clarke

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2011 Outstanding Young Leaders