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Mail Online, Jonathan McEvoy, Feb 15th, 2011, London, England - Few have travelled further on their journeys to the Olympic Stadium than the boy who was born next door. Phillips...

I think one of life’s greatest questions could where does time go? In case you missed the memo—It’s 2011 already. I guess this means I survived the holidays with my...

New Year and a New Challenge Campaign. This is a campaign that I have started. I want everyone that reads this to challenge themselves, their family, and their friends to...

It's been more than a year since I've written a blog, but its the holiday season and i figure it would be a good time to give a recent update...

State Policies that Support Youth Transitioning from Foster Care and the Easy-to-Use State Child Welfare Policy Database Join us for a Webinar on December 20 How Do the Foster Care...


An exciting opportunity to build national awareness about foster care! ABC News with Diane Sawyer has contacted FosterClub, and asked for help reaching out to young people from foster care...


Hello Everyone, I know it has been a really long time since I posted and in that time life for me has changed a lot. I have noticed that what...

Tragedy happens in life. People experience teenage pregnancy, getting caught in illegal acts by the police, and motor vehicle accidents. However, you never really think it is going to happen...

I had to write a philosophy of education for a class....I just finished it and I wanted to know what you guys thought!! Will I make a good teacher?? HAHA...


Any youth in care 14 or older or young adult alumni who has aged out of care to age 23 are invited to participate in the 1st annual DCFS Poetry...


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